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Go Rush by Jili Games: Conquer the Universe with Burst Mechanics

Dive into the cosmic adventure of Go Rush by Jili Games, an exhilarating online multiplayer game where players embark on a rocket-fueled journey to conquer the universe. This space-based sensation combines high-stakes betting with the thrilling Burst Mechanic, offering both excitement and risks in equal measure. 

Go Rush

The Importance of Clear Game Instructions

Prepare to be captivated by the thrill of victory in this immersive gaming experience. Our game operates on a transparently fair system, ensuring that excitement and high multipliers can be yours in a matter of seconds.

The Importance of Clear Game Instructions
  • Pre-launch: Initiate the action by placing your bets through the intuitive gambling dashboard or explore alternative strategies on the additional dashboard to achieve your desired winnings with multiple bets.
  • Post-launch: Watch your earnings soar as the rocket embarks on its journey, and rest assured that you can collect your winnings before the rocket completes its flight. If you missed the initial betting window, don’t worry; you can place your bets for the next round, which will be handled automatically.
  • Cashing In: To secure your winnings, it is imperative to claim them before the rocket’s mission concludes. You also have the option to claim either half or the full amount of your winnings to maximize your rewards. It’s worth noting that all unclaimed winnings will be forfeited once the rocket completes its flight.

Your initial winning multiplier commences at 1.01X and progressively increases as the rocket ascends. Your final winnings are calculated by multiplying your bets by the current winning multiplier at the time of your claim. (Please note that the minimum multiplier for cashing in is 1.01x, and if you attempt to cash out simultaneously with the rocket’s crash, your bet will be forfeited.)

Go Rush Game Functions Overview

Game Functions Overview

Betting and Cashing Out

Utilize the chip button located on the right side of the gambling dashboard to place bets swiftly and consecutively. (You have the option to place two bets simultaneously.) To claim your well-deserved winnings, simply click “Cash Out” and withdraw your earnings. Formula for calculating your winnings: Winnings = Bet x Multiplier.

Auto Play and Automatic Cash Out

For added convenience, you can set a specific multiplier threshold for automatic withdrawal by clicking “Auto Cash Out.” Additionally, explore various Auto Play settings by clicking “More” on the right side of the interface.


Go Rush is an online multiplayer game developed by Jili Games, where players engage in a thrilling cosmic adventure using burst mechanics to conquer the universe.

Go Rush combines high-stakes betting with the unique Burst Mechanic, creating an exhilarating gaming experience with excitement and risks.

Lodigame Go Rush by Jilligames is primarily available on iOS and Android devices, making it accessible to a wide range of mobile gamers.

To reach customer support for Lodigame Go Rush, look for the “Support” or “Contact Us” option within the game’s settings or visit the official Jilligames website for contact information and support resources.

Lodigame Go Rush may require an internet connection to access certain features or updates. Check the game’s settings and requirements for specific offline functionality.


In conclusion, Go Rush by Jili Games offers an exciting and transparent gaming experience with its Burst Mechanics and clear game instructions. Players can enjoy a cosmic adventure, place bets, and cash out their winnings while exploring the universe. With availability on iOS and Android devices through Lodigame, accessible customer support, and potential offline play, Go Rush provides a thrilling and versatile gaming experience.

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