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Embark on an Exciting Adventure with Bonus Hunter

Are you prepared for an exhilarating voyage into the realm of online gaming? Look no further than Bonus Hunter by JILI slots, an engaging gaming experience that promises constant thrills and limitless opportunities for success. With its expansive 4×5 game board and an astounding 1024 ways to secure victory, Bonus Hunter elevates the enjoyment of online casino gaming to unparalleled heights.

Bonus Hunter (Jili) featured

One of the standout features of Bonus Hunter is its dynamic multiplier system. Brace yourself to witness your winnings skyrocket as you conquer the slot machine. Following each triumphant spin, a +1 multiplier is awarded, remaining active throughout the duration of the round. Yet, the excitement doesn’t cease there – the potential for your complimentary game to improve continues, with the multiplier reaching astonishing heights. In fact, the upper limit of the multiplier knows no bounds, offering an infinite potential for substantial wins.

Unlock the Potency of the Golden Frame: A Metamorphosis of Reels into Wilds

Prepare yourself to witness the mesmerizing transformation that can transform your gameplay into an opportunity for substantial rewards. Enter the world of the Golden Frame, an innovative element that holds the key to unlocking the full potential of your reels.

Unlock the Potency of the Golden Frame_ A Metamorphosis of Reels into Wilds

Exclusive Appearance: Gaze upon the awe-inspiring presence of the Golden Frame, a symbol of great significance gracing the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels. It is a captivating spectacle that heralds the arrival of unparalleled excitement and the promise of abundant rewards. Keep a vigilant watch as the Golden Frame unveils its transformative prowess, ready to etch an indelible mark on your gameplay.

A Divine Metamorphosis: Prepare to be astounded as the Golden Frame works its magic. When this extraordinary symbol materializes on the reels, it initiates a wondrous process of elimination, paving the way for a magnificent transformation. As the Golden Frame dispels surrounding symbols, the reels undergo a metamorphosis, with the targeted symbols being seamlessly replaced by coveted Wilds.

Harness the Power of the WILD Symbol: Unlock Infinite Possibilities of Bonus Hunter

Prepare to embark on a gaming expedition like no other as we delve into the captivating realm of the WILD symbol. Brace yourself for a thrilling journey teeming with excitement and untold riches. Let us explore the enigmatic nature of the WILD symbol and the extraordinary opportunities it bestows upon your gameplay.

Harness the Power of the WILD Symbol_ Unlock Infinite Possibilities

WILDs: In the world of online gaming, the WILD symbol reigns supreme. As the reels spin, the WILD symbol possesses the unique ability to transform into any other symbol on the board, except for the elusive img symbol. It represents a versatile force that defies convention, crafting winning combinations in the most unexpected of ways.

Unlocking the WILDs: The journey to WILD riches requires a particular touch. Unlike other symbols that appear arbitrarily, WILDs do not manifest without your intervention. It is through the conversion of golden symbols that this magical transformation occurs. Successfully converting these golden symbols causes them to transmute into potent WILDs, introducing an extra layer of excitement and potential into your gameplay.

Unleash Endless Excitement with the Free Game Feature

Steady yourself for an unforgettable gaming experience where every spin carries the promise of exhilarating triumphs. Let us explore the remarkable mechanics and enticing rewards that await you in the realm of Free Games.

Unleash Endless Excitement with the Free Game Feature
  • Initiating the Free Game: Within the game, the Scatter symbol holds immense significance. It is a rare and coveted symbol that appears only once on each wheel at any given time. However, when you successfully land three of these Scatter symbols on the board simultaneously, the Free Game feature is activated, setting the stage for uninterrupted excitement.
  • The Basics of the Free Game: Once the Free Game feature is triggered, prepare to embark on a thrilling journey. The basic Free Game grants you 10 rounds of uninterrupted gameplay, where the potential for triumph knows no bounds. Yet, there is more – each additional Scatter symbol you procure during the Free Game extends your gameplay by an additional two rounds. There exists no maximum limit, ensuring that you can continually extend the Free Game as long as fortune favors your side.
  • The Golden Symbol and Multiplying Prizes: Within the Free Game feature, a special surprise awaits you in the third round. Brace yourself for the appearance of a golden symbol, infusing a touch of enchantment into your gameplay. However, the excitement does not end there. Each time you secure a winning combination during the Free Game, the multiplier increases by one. Your subsequent victory will then be multiplied by the current multiplier, introducing an additional layer of anticipation and multiplying your potential rewards.
  • Stacking Multipliers and Infinite Winning Potential: Prepare to bear witness to the prowess of stacking multipliers in the Free Game feature. In contrast to regular gameplay, where multipliers reset after each round, in the Free Game, they continue to accumulate. Each victory you attain contributes to the multiplier, generating a snowball effect that can lead to monumental victories. As your multiplier ascends, so does your potential for success, paving the way for truly extraordinary gameplay.
  • Unleashing the Power of Extra Rounds: Within the Free Game feature, the appearance of three Scatter symbols triggers an additional bonus. You are generously rewarded with 10 extra rounds, and each additional Scatter symbol bestows upon you an extra two rounds. This presents a unique opportunity to extend the excitement, deepen your gameplay, and heighten your prospects of securing remarkable victories.

Master the Game: Revealing the Rules for Unrivaled Wins

Are you prepared to unlock the secrets to triumph in the world of gaming? Prepare yourself for an exhilarating adventure as we delve into the game rules that govern your path to victory. Get ready to discover the key elements that determine your success and propel you towards unprecedented wins.

Master the Game_ Revealing the Rules for Unrivaled Wins
  • Consecutive Wins: In this thrilling game, your journey to victory commences with the alignment of symbols. Starting from the leftmost reel, you must secure consecutive symbols that align from left to right. It is a test of precision and strategy as you strive to achieve winning combinations that set the reels ablaze. Each aligned sequence promises a rewarding prize, propelling you closer to the pinnacle of triumph.
  • Calculating Your Total Winning: As you navigate the gameplay, understanding the calculation of your total winning is paramount. Multiply the odds value by your bet amount and divide the result by 20 to ascertain your ultimate prize. This formula ensures a fair and proportional distribution of rewards, showcasing the power of your wagers as they manifest into exhilarating victories.
  • 1024 Bingos: Within this game, you are bestowed with an astounding 1024 bingos. Each bingo represents an opportunity to strike it big and claim your well-deserved rewards. With a plethora of potential winning combinations at your disposal, the possibilities are boundless, and fortune beckons those with the skill and determination to seize it.
  • Highest Amount Per Line: In your pursuit of victory, bear in mind that only the highest amount per line will be compensated. This underscores the commitment to excellence and uarantees that you are justly rewarded for your most lucrative winning combination.
  • Error-Free Games: In the pursuit of fairness and precise outcomes, games that cannot be determined due to errors are excluded from the tally. This serves as a safeguard, ensuring that each game is a true reflection of skill, luck, and genuine gameplay. Embrace the integrity of error-free games and relish


The multiplier system in Bonus Hunter enables players to enhance their winnings significantly. Upon each winning spin, players are awarded a +1 multiplier, which remains active until the conclusion of the round. This multiplier has the potential to continuously escalate, offering the possibility of achieving unlimited heights of winnings.

The Golden Frame serves as a pivotal and transformative element within Bonus Hunter. It appears exclusively on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels and possesses the remarkable ability to reshape the gameplay experience. When the Golden Frame materializes, it systematically eliminates surrounding symbols, subsequently replacing them with Wilds. This transformation creates an array of new winning opportunities, enhancing the overall excitement of the game.

Unlocking WILD symbols in Bonus Hunter necessitates the conversion of specific golden symbols. By successfully converting these golden symbols, players can unleash the formidable power of the WILDs, introducing an additional layer of excitement and potential into their gameplay.


In conclusion, Bonus Hunter offers an exhilarating online gaming adventure with its 4×5 board and 1024 ways to win. The dynamic multiplier system, Golden Frame transformation, and WILD symbols add layers of excitement and winning potential. The Free Game feature further extends the thrill, and mastering the game’s rules is the key to achieving unrivaled wins. So, get ready to embark on a gaming journey like no other and experience limitless opportunities for success with Bonus Hunter.

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