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Play Bingo Carnaval by JILI Today

Bingo Carnaval

Bingo Carnaval is a game developed by Jili Games that features a lively carnival atmosphere. It is a variation of the traditional bingo game, but there are more chances to win. Bingo Carnaval allows players to participate in various bonus games, such as bonus games, free balls, wilds, and the ability to purchase additional balls. The game’s objective is to win by completing all the numbers on your card to claim victory. The numbers are randomly selected and entered into the appropriate slots automatically during the drawing process. 

Why Bingo Fans Choose to Play Bingo Carnaval?

Regarding online casino players who enjoy playing Bingo games, Bingo Carnaval has carved out a special place in the market. Unsurprisingly, it has received an outstanding 4.5-star rating, as its gameplay is smooth, its graphics are appealing, and its payout structure is rewarding. Furthermore, eighty percent of players have stated that they prefer this game to others because of its preference.

Why play Bingo Carnaval

According to the reviews, players enjoy the game because of its one-of-a-kind features, the excitement of the gameplay, and the chance to win a substantial amount of money. The fact that the game can be played at well-known online casinos like Lodigame undoubtedly contributes to its widespread popularity. Carnaval continues to be a fan favorite among people who enjoy playing bingo games, which is a testament to its evergreen appeal and lucrative gameplay. 

Differentiating Bingo Carnaval from Other Games

The determination to offer players a gaming experience that is both captivating and satisfying. Every spin is a potential opportunity to win big, and thanks to the one-of-a-kind elements of the game, your chances of achieving a winning combination are consistently quite good. Bingo Carnaval ensures that players will have a gaming experience that is nothing less than exhilarating because of the game’s vivid graphics and exciting action.

Bingo Carnaval vs other games

The game gives a novel spin on the classic bingo format by incorporating aspects of Brazilian culture and the exhilarating atmosphere of a carnival into the mix. Bingo Carnaval is unlike any other online casino game you’ve ever played with to its eye-popping visuals, pulsating soundtrack, and exhilarating gameplay.

Bingo Carnaval’s Bonus Game

Bingo Carnaval bonus game
  • After the final tally has been completed, there will be an opportunity for individuals who have won both prizes to participate in an additional round.
  • The bonus round consists of a wheel that spins; after each revolution, there is only one possible result. The wheel displays a variety of potential odds.
  • You can continue to spin the wheel until the number of times you turn no longer corresponds to the multiplier, at which point the game will end. The multiplier will continue to accumulate as you spin the wheel. When that time has passed, the final score is tallied, and the game is over.
  • The solution is the quotient of the total multiplier and the score, which the wheel decides in the end.
  • The game will continue without you even after you have disconnected from it until the final score is tallied and the round is over. Your prize can be found in the History section of the website.

Wild Ball

The wild ball will then be changed to the corresponding number after the selection has been made, and if the player does not make a selection within the next 15 seconds, the system will choose the number that corresponds to the most extensive total on its own.

You can get a Wild Ball, which allows you to tap on the bingo card and select any number you want. If you do get a Wild Ball, keep an eye out for it.

Lightning Hit

When the player purchases additional balls, they open themselves up to the possibility of taking a Lightning Hit. When this occurs, you will randomly activate anywhere from one to three additional numbers, increasing your chances of getting a bingo.

Free Ball

If more than ten seconds pass without a purchase, the item will be bought for the player by the game itself.

During the stage where further balls can be purchased, there is a possibility of triggering a free ball, allowing the player to receive the subsequent ball without spending any additional cash.

How to Play Bingo Carnaval

How to play Bingo Carnaval
  • If you successfully complete any of the paylines displayed in the chart, you will be given the equal payment represented in the chart.
  • The total amount of money won from ready hands will determine the price of each additional ball, and the maximum number of balls that can be purchased is ten. However, the price of each other ball can vary.
  • After the first 30 balls have been played, a particular quantity and number of ready hands are required to achieve a certain level before extra balls can be purchased. Only then will additional balls become available for play.
  • You can purchase one-fourth of bingo cards for each game; the more cards you buy, the greater the possibility that you will win the game.
  • When a reward line with better odds completely covers the prize line, the prize with the better odds will be claimed. This will happen as soon as the reward line is completely covered.


To start playing Bingo Carnaval, visit the JILI platform, register an account, and follow the on-screen instructions to dive into the exciting online bingo world.

JILI’s Bingo Carnaval stands out due to its vibrant graphics, engaging gameplay, and community-oriented approach. The blend of these elements makes an exceptional and pleasant gaming experience.

Winnings and rewards in Bingo Carnaval are distributed based on game performance, event participation, and tournament outcomes. The more you play, the more opportunities you have to win exciting prizes.


Bingo Carnaval by JILI is an absolute must-play for anyone interested in having a good time playing online casino games here in Lodigame Casino. Create an account right now so you can jump right into the action of playing bingo online.

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