Reload Rewards | Experience Lodigame’s 5% Redeposit Bonus

We’re thrilled to introduce our latest offering that takes your gaming experience to the next level – the 5% Redeposit Bonus. This exclusive bonus is designed to reward our loyal players and enhance your journey through the immersive realms of Lodigame.

The 5% Redeposit Bonus is a special promotion crafted for our dedicated players who choose to continue their adventure with us. This bonus allows you to earn an extra 5% on every redeposit, boosting your in-game resources and enhancing your chances of conquering the challenges that lie ahead.

5% Redeposit Bonus

Maximize Your Rewards: Redeposit Bonus!

Prepare for an unparalleled gaming experience as we unveil an event designed exclusively for our esteemed members. Learn how to dive into the action, claim additional bonuses, and make the most of every recharge. Read on for the exciting details and rules that will elevate your gaming adventure.

All Aboard: Open to All Members

The curtains are up, and the stage is set for all members to join this electrifying event. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, this is your chance to seize the gaming spotlight.

Recharge for Rewards: Claim Up to 5% Bonus

Discover the secret to unlocking extra rewards – simply redeposit with a minimum amount of 117 PHP. The more you recharge, the greater the rewards! Deposit the minimum amount, claim your bonus, and watch your gaming power soar by up to 5%.

How Does It Work?

Getting your hands on the 5% Redeposit Bonus is a breeze. Simply follow these easy steps:

Login to Your Lodigame Account

Ensure you are logged in to your Lodigame account. If you don’t have one yet, sign up today to start enjoying the benefits.

Make a Redeposit

When you’re ready to top up your in-game balance, proceed to make a redeposit using any of our convenient payment methods.

Enjoy the 5% Bonus

As soon as your redeposit is confirmed, you’ll automatically receive a 5% bonus credited to your account. Watch your in-game resources grow instantly!

Event Rules: The Blueprint for Success

To ensure a fair and thrilling experience, familiarize yourself with the rules governing this event.

Frequent Recharges, Maximum Rewards

The more you recharge, the more rewards come your way. With a minimum deposit of 117 PHP, claim up to 5% in bonuses and elevate your gaming journey to new heights.

Claim Your Bonuses Promptly

Every recharge during the event period unlocks the potential for bonuses. Collect your rewards manually the next day or within 3 days. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of unclaimed bonuses.

Wagering Requirements for Withdrawal

To convert your bonuses into real rewards, a single wager of the bonus amount and initial deposit is required. Excitingly, this bonus can be wagered across all game platforms, enhancing your gaming versatility.


The 5% Redeposit Bonus is an exclusive promotion designed to reward loyal players. It allows players to earn an extra 5% on every redeposit, enhancing their in-game resources and boosting their chances of success.

The event is open to all Lodigame members, whether they are seasoned players or newcomers. Everyone has the opportunity to participate and claim additional bonuses.

To participate, simply log in to your Lodigame account. If you don’t have an account, sign up to start enjoying the benefits. Make a redeposit with a minimum amount of 117 PHP to claim up to 5% in bonuses.

Yes, there are event rules to ensure fairness and an enjoyable experience. Players should familiarize themselves with these rules to maximize their rewards.

The more frequently you recharge during the event, the more rewards you can claim. With a minimum deposit of 117 PHP, players can claim up to 5% in bonuses and elevate their gaming journey.


In conclusion, Lodigame’s 5% Redeposit Bonus event offers an exciting opportunity for both seasoned players and newcomers to enhance their gaming experience. With the chance to claim additional bonuses and maximize in-game resources, this exclusive promotion adds a new layer of excitement and rewards to the immersive realms of Lodigame, creating a win-win scenario for dedicated players. Don’t miss out on the Redeposit Extravaganza – log in, recharge, and elevate your gaming journey to unprecedented heights.

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