JILI Jackpot Fishing: A Review and Winning Tips

JILI Jackpot Fishing is a real money fish game developed by JILI Games. It features three jackpot pools and offers five times the chance to win super prizes. The game boasts 3D visuals to enhance your gaming experience and allows for multiplayer participation with up to three players at once.

Traditionally, when people think of jackpots, they associate them with slot machines rather than fish games. However, since its launch in 2019, JILI Jackpot Fishing has seen a tremendous increase in demand for progressive cash prizes, making it a popular trend in 2022.

jackpot fishing

This game has garnered such success that players often simply call it “Jackpot fish” to distinguish it from classic fish games. In this review, we’ll explore the advantages of JILI Jackpot Fishing, provide tips on how to win, and share information on where you can enjoy this game.

How to Play Jackpot Fishing: A Step-by-Step Guide

To enjoy Jackpot Fishing, it’s essential to grasp the game’s mechanics, place your bets, understand paylines, and spin those reels. Let’s walk through the process in a simple and clear manner:

How to Play Jackpot Fishing A Step-by-Step Guide

Understanding the Game Mechanics

Before immersing yourself in the gameplay, let’s get acquainted with how Jackpot Fishing Arcade Game works. This online multiplayer fishing game lets you experience the excitement of fishing right from your home.

Placing Your Bet and Paylines

Let’s explore how to bet and manage paylines in Jackpot Fishing Arcade Game:


In Jackpot Fishing Arcade Game, the paytable reveals the payout rates for different fish types. This includes both common fish and special fish with bigger rewards.

System Settings

Inside the gaming environment, you have the ability to enter the system preferences menu to personalize your gaming encounter. This covers adjusting sound settings, changing game rooms, and checking out game features and payout rates.

Bet Adjustment

You can flexibly adjust your bet according to your liking and budget. The game offers various stake limits in different game modes, like the Pleasure Room, King Room, and VIP King Room.


For added convenience, Jackpot Fishing Arcade Game provides an autoplay feature. You can opt for automatic firing, choose your bet amount, and even specify the types of fish you want to target. The gun will fire randomly, improving your chances of success.

Set Paylines

While playing, you can select and lock your preferred paylines. This lets you focus on specific fish and increases your chances of catching them.

Spinning the Reels

Now that you’ve grasped the game’s mechanics and set your preferences, it’s time to get those reels spinning! Point your gun at the fish you want to catch and fire. The more fish you capture, the higher your chances of winning prizes and unlocking additional game features. Happy fishing!

Exploring the Unique Features of Jackpot Fishing Slot Game

Playing Jackpot Fishing offers a unique gaming experience distinct from traditional video slots. In this game, three laser cannons are positioned at the bottom of the screen.

Exploring the Unique Features of Jackpot Fishing Slot Game

Special Effects Fish

To succeed in the Jackpot Fishing slot game, you’ll need to quickly familiarize yourself with three special effects fish:

  • Thunder Shark: When defeated, it triggers a chain lightning effect, stunning nearby fish and causing affected creatures to explode.
  • Torpedo Crab: Upon elimination, this crab fires three torpedoes in various directions, potentially defeating fish within the blast radius.
  • Sea Anemone: Eliminating these distinctive fish results in the creation of a vortex capable of attracting nearby fish.

Special Fish

Apart from the modifier-causing effects fish, there are three distinct special fish with unique appearances and larger sizes. Their payouts are not fixed:

Blue, Purple, and Orange Varieties: These can yield potential payouts ranging from 20-30x, 30-40x, and 40-50x the total bet, respectively. Additionally, when special fish appear, there’s a chance of winning a 5x ‘super win,’ although details about the super win are unclear.

Immortal Ocean Kings

There are more special fish with varying payouts, including the most valuable Ocean King, which can award an instant payout of 888x the total bet. Defeating higher-valued fish increases your chances of triggering a jackpot.

Treasure Bowl

The treasure bowl is a massive turtle-like symbol that slowly moves across the screen. When it appears, shooting it rapidly can result in multiple 3x payouts. Those with quick reflexes might even score a critical hit jackpot.



Tips for Winning at Jackpot Fishing

With these five simple tips and tricks, winning at Jackpot Fishing is within your grasp. Let’s dive into the strategies that can help you maximize your success:

Tips for Winning at Jackpot Fishing
  • Understand the Wave Patterns: Pay attention to where the fish appear on the screen. They come from different directions and at different speeds. Knowing these patterns helps you catch valuable fish quickly.
  • Use Target-Locked Mode: Whenever possible, use target-locked mode. It turns your bullets into lasers that keep firing without interruption. But keep in mind that some fish games, including JILI Jackpot Fishing, have issues with this mode.
  • Keep Shooting: Don’t stop shooting until you receive your prize, even if the fish is about to leave the screen. Sometimes, you can still win even if you keep shooting.
  • Focus Your Fire: Avoid constantly switching targets. It’s usually more effective to concentrate your shots on one fish at a time.
  • Use Torpedoes Wisely: Torpedoes are powerful but expensive. Only use them when necessary to avoid wasting them. You can wait until other players have shot multiple times before using a torpedo. In this game, it’s okay to steal kills from other players.


JILI Jackpot Fishing is a real money fish game developed by JILI Games. It offers three jackpot pools and enhanced 3D visuals for an immersive gaming experience.

Unlike traditional fish games, JILI Jackpot Fishing features progressive cash prizes, making it a unique and popular trend in 2022. Players frequently refer to these fish as “Jackpot fish.”

Yes, JILI Jackpot Fishing allows multiplayer participation, supporting up to three players simultaneously.

To play, you need to understand the game mechanics, place bets, manage paylines, and spin reels. Detailed instructions are provided in the article.

Special effects fish in Jackpot Fishing include Thunder Shark, Torpedo Crab, and Sea Anemone, each with unique abilities to aid in your gameplay.


In conclusion, Lodigame Online Casino offers an exciting and unique gaming experience, Jackpot Fishing, combining the thrill of fishing with the chance to win substantial prizes. With its multiplayer feature, special fish, and jackpot opportunities, it has become a standout choice among online gamers. By following the provided tips and strategies, players can enhance their chances of success and make the most of this engaging arcade game.

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