Exploring Sabong International: Lodigame Comprehensive Review

Let’s take a closer look at another gambling app or platform, known as Sabong International. In this article, Lodigame Reviews will provide you with essential details about Sabong International. We’ll emphasize its main features, explain how adding and withdrawing money works, and determine its safety for use. Come along as we delve into the realm of cockfighting and its online operation system.

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What is Sabong International?

Sabong International stands out as a well-liked gambling website in the Philippines these days. On this platform, you can witness real cockfights online, where two roosters compete, and registered players place bets on their predicted winners. The website boasts a user-friendly interface, which simplifies navigation even for newcomers. This means it caters to all types of players, with eligibility starting at twelve years old and going up to twenty-two years old and above.

What is Sabong International

Its popularity saw a boost during the COVID-19 pandemic, which confined people to their homes and limited outdoor activities. Traditionally, the game of Sabong unfolded in large venues to accommodate participants and enthusiasts. It’s categorized as a blood sport due to the intense nature of the cockfighting matches. Nonetheless, many individuals continue to find it captivating, drawn in by the thrilling experience it delivers.

Activating and Playing Sabong International

To watch sabong matches and place bets on Sabong International, follow these steps:

Activating and Playing Sabong International

Create an Account

Begin by creating a Sabong International account. Locate the red “REGISTER” button at the top right corner of the website and click on it. New bettors should provide a desired username and password for their account. Once registered, new users can click the orange “PLAY NOW” button.

New players must adhere to specific terms and conditions during registration, including submitting a government-issued ID to verify that they are at least 22 years old.

Download the App

Clicking “PLAY NOW” takes you to the 6D game interface, where you can find the “APP DOWNLOAD” section. Here, you’ll find three QR codes to download the mobile application. The Sabong International app via 6D is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Claim Bonuses and Start Playing

Engaging in bets through Sabong International grants bettors access to various bonuses that enhance their chances of winning real money. The gaming experience remains similar when playing with a bonus compared to playing without one. However, users have the potential to win more real money once they meet the rollover requirements.

Depositing and Withdrawing in Sabong International

The first step to deposit and withdraw is by logging in to Sabong International online. After you’ve logged in to 6Dgame.com, proceed to the Account section and select Deposit. You’ll have options to choose from that best suit your situation:

Depositing and Withdrawing in Sabong International
  • GCash
  • PayMaya
  • USDT
  • Bitcoin
  • Bank Transfer
  • Master Card

The inclusion of GCash and PayMaya as payment options enhances the accessibility of Sabong International for numerous Filipino bettors. This convenience is particularly valuable for those who possess verified GCash and PayMaya accounts, which is common among many Filipinos. This feature proves especially useful when a bettor lacks a traditional bank account but relies on an e-wallet for transactions.

Key Features Found in Sabong International

Sabong International offers a range of cockfight selections: Sabong International Live, Sabong Worldwide, Sabong Express Live, Sabong 888 Live, SW418 Live Sabong, and Pitmaster Live. You can participate in any of these as long as you understand and follow their rules and regulations. All transactions are conducted online, so it’s essential to prepare your payment account and make a deposit before getting into the game.

Key Features Found in Sabong International

Live Betting and Pre-match Betting

You can place bets while a match is live or even before it begins. So, don’t worry if you can’t catch the very start of the fight. As long as the match isn’t over, there’s still a chance to place your bets on your chosen side.

Simple and User-Friendly Interface

Sabong International aims to provide a comfortable gaming experience through a simple and user-friendly interface. They’ve ensured that players of all ages can participate in their activities without struggling to navigate the platform. This means you can easily find what you’re looking for and understand everything quickly.

Dedicated Customer Support

Customer Support plays a significant role in Sabong International, especially since many players place bets around the clock. Their assistance is also essential for the withdrawal method to a bank account, ensuring it’s a seamless process. Therefore, Customer Support is always available in Sabong International.

Is It Legal and Safe to Play on Sabong International?

According to our research on Sabong International, it adheres to legal regulations. However, it’s important to note that despite the growing online popularity of these activities, live sabong or E-Sabong remains prohibited and suspended. Any ongoing E-Sabong activities are closely monitored by PAGCOR, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, which oversees such operations. Given the continuing nature of live sabong, playing on Sabong International does come with inherent risks. The choice of whether to participate ultimately rests with you.

Is It Legal and Safe to Play on Sabong International


Sabong International offers several payment methods, including GCash, PayMaya, USDT, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, and Master Card. The inclusion of GCash and PayMaya makes it accessible for Filipino bettors who rely on e-wallets.

Sabong International offers various cockfighting selections, including live events such as Sabong International Live, Sabong Worldwide, and more. Players can engage in live betting or pre-match betting. The platform boasts a user-friendly interface and dedicated customer support for seamless gaming.

According to research, Sabong International adheres to legal regulations. However, it’s important to note that live sabong or E-Sabong remains prohibited and suspended. The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) monitors such operations. Playing on Sabong International involves inherent risks, and the decision to participate is up to the individual.

Yes, you can place bets on cockfighting events even if you join after the match has started. As long as the match is ongoing, you can still place bets on your chosen side.


In conclusion, Sabong International emerges as a prominent online gambling platform in the Philippines, offering an accessible and user-friendly way to engage in the captivating world of cockfighting through real-time matches and betting. Its popularity surge during the pandemic showcases its convenience as a digital alternative to traditional events. With a variety of cockfighting selections, straightforward interface, and dedicated customer support, Sabong International caters to diverse preferences while adhering to legal regulations. However, players must be aware of the inherent risks tied to its nature and the regulatory framework surrounding live sabong activities. As the platform provides both entertainment and potential risks, individuals should make informed decisions when participating.

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