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Crazy Pusher – An Exciting Game Where You Push Balls to Win Awesome Prizes

Get ready for an exciting gaming journey filled with thrills and excitement! Meet Crazy Pusher, the ultimate ball-pushing game by JILI Gaming that offers non-stop fun and a chance to win amazing prizes. With its special gameplay and thrilling features, Crazy Pusher is here to take your gaming to new heights. Get set to push various balls off the platform and unlock a world of opportunities!

Crazy Pusher (Jili) Featured

Unlock Your Potential: Thrive in the Exciting Crazy Pusher Game Experience

Get ready to jump into an electrifying gaming journey as we uncover the details of the gameplay. Get set to showcase your skills and start a journey filled with rewards and excitement. Let’s explore the fascinating rules and enticing opportunities that are waiting for you in this thrilling game.

Unlock Your Potential_ Thrive in the Exciting Game Experience
  • Invest Your BET, Aim for Purple Balls: In this action-packed game, your first job is to make a smart investment with your BET and aim at the Purple Balls. Every shot carries the chance for success, and your accuracy decides the result. Get ready to unleash your inner precision and aim for victory as you chase greatness.
  • Reaping Rewards: As you play the game, you can earn rewards by skillfully guiding the balls through different slots. Every time a ball successfully goes through a slot, you’ll receive a corresponding reward. This adds to the thrill and boosts your chances of winning. Expect a celebration as your ball moves through the slots, unveiling a treasure trove of prizes and pleasant surprises.
  • Blue Ball Slot: Feel the excitement of the Blue Ball Slot as you see a burst of free Blue Balls launched from the Blue Cannon. This thrilling moment adds more excitement to your game, providing extra chances to win and making your gaming experience even more exciting. Embrace the Blue Ball Slot and let the shower of rewards push you towards victory.
  • Ticket Slot: Gain a wealth of bonus coins by directing your ball through the Ticket Slot. This special slot awards you with a set amount of bonus coins, increasing your overall wealth and enhancing your gameplay. Keep an eye out for the Ticket Slot, as it holds the potential for significant rewards that can elevate your gaming experience.
  • Golden Ball Slot: Enjoy the thrill of launching a Golden Ball onto the Stage by going through the Golden Ball Slot. The Red Cannon unleashes this impressive display of strength, creating an exciting show that grabs your focus and gets you closer to incredible wins. Get ready for the excitement of the Golden Ball Slot, which holds the key to unlocking exciting opportunities.

Step into the World of Crazy Pusher: Making Lasting Gaming Memories

Prepare for an extraordinary gaming journey as we introduce you to the captivating world of Show Time. Brace yourself for a thrilling spectacle of excitement and rewards that will leave you spellbound. Let’s explore the engaging rules and the transformative power of Show Time as it takes your gameplay to new and unparalleled levels.

Step into the World of Showtime_ Making Lasting Gaming Memories

Enjoy the Ticket Show Time Experience of Crazy Pusher

In the exciting Ticket Show Time event, get ready for the captivating appearance of turret hands. These hands bring two additional free Blue Balls, joining the familiar Purple Ball in an energetic dance. This influx of balls boosts your opportunities for exciting rewards, elevating the excitement to unprecedented levels.

Watch with amazement as the Blue Balls elegantly move through the Ticket slots. Even though the rewards for Blue Balls going through a Ticket slot are half of what Purple Balls receive, the satisfaction of unlocking these prizes is just as meaningful. Prepare for a delightful journey, as every successful passage through a Ticket slot brings you nearer to a world of outstanding victories.

During the Ticket Show Time, the game adds an exciting twist. The Blue Ball slots briefly make way for the Golden Ball slot to transform into a Star Ball slot. This dramatic change introduces a new world of opportunities, where Star Balls take center stage and provide thrilling opportunities for massive victories.

The Blue Ball Show

The Blue Ball Show Time introduces an exciting change that transforms your gameplay. In this extraordinary event, the Ticket slots make way for an interesting twist. The Golden Ball slot, once home to powerful Golden Balls, takes on a new role as the Star Ball slot.

Harness the Power of Special Rules: Take Your Gaming Adventure to New Heights

Get ready to embark on a gaming adventure like no other as we introduce you to the captivating realm of unique rules. Prepare for an unmatched and thrilling experience that will elevate your gameplay and open the door to incredible rewards. Let’s explore the intricacies of these special rules and uncover their hidden potential.

Harness the Power of Special Rules_ Take Your Gaming Adventure to New Heights
  • Blue Ball Slot Interaction: When you guide a ball through a slot meant for Blue Balls, a Blue Ball light will shine, and at the same time, it will turn off one Ticket light if it’s lit. The same rule applies when navigating a slot designed for Tickets.
  • Rewards Based on Color: The prizes given to balls depend on the color of the roulette hole they land in.

Experience the Magic of the Lucky Ball: Boost Your Luck at Crazy Pusher

Get ready to dive into the excitement of the Lucky Ball as we unveil the incredible power it adds to the game. Get set for a world of increased luck and exciting possibilities. Let’s explore the rules and guidelines of this exceptional feature, where every bet has the chance to activate the Lucky Ball, unleashing incredible rewards.

Experience the Magic of the Lucky Ball_ Boost Your Luck
  • A Chance for Success: With each bet you place, the excitement builds as you hope to activate the Lucky Ball. This magical moment happens unexpectedly, adding an element of surprise and excitement to your gameplay. Prepare to seize the opportunities that arise with every spin, because the Lucky Ball has the potential to greatly increase your luck and winnings.
  • Triggering the Lucky Ball: When the Lucky Ball appears, act quickly to push it off the platform and secure your deserving prize. As you effectively push the Lucky Ball, you unlock a reward that equals your bet multiplied by a random multiplier. This thrilling moment offers the potential for significant rewards, increasing the excitement and moving you closer to thrilling victories.
  • Game-Changing Rules: Remember that if you leave the game or change your bets, any unactivated Lucky Balls will be reset. This is done to ensure fairness and promote consistent gameplay, where every interaction with a Lucky Ball offers a new chance to improve your luck.

Embark on a Journey to Incredible Wins with the Jackpot System of Crazy Pusher

Get ready for an exciting gaming adventure as we introduce you to the thrilling world of the Jackpot System. Prepare to dive into a realm of excitement and the chance for incredible wins as we explore the rules and prizes that are waiting for you. Let’s uncover the Super Jackpot and Lucky Jackpot, how you can activate them, and how they can transform your gaming experience into an unforgettable journey.

Embark on a Journey to Incredible Wins with the Jackpot System
  • Pair of Jackpot Surprises: Super and Lucky Jackpots
  • In this world, you’ll come across two different kinds of jackpots: the Super Jackpot and the Lucky Jackpot.
  • Each bet you place has the potential to activate either the Super Jackpot or the Lucky Jackpot.
  • Regarding the basic multiplier, the Super Jackpot multiplies your bet by 500, while the Lucky Jackpot multiplies it by 100. Any extra value is calculated separately.
  • The current betting option determines how the jackpot is displayed and achieved.


You can earn rewards in Crazy Pusher by skillfully guiding balls through different slots. Each slot provides its own set of rewards, adding excitement and increasing your chances of winning.

Special rules, like the interaction of balls with specific slots and rewards based on the color of the roulette hole, add complexity and strategy to the game.

The Lucky Ball in crazy pusher appears unexpectedly, and you must quickly push it off the platform to secure a reward equal to your bet multiplied by a random multiplier.


To sum it up, Crazy Pusher provides an exciting gaming experience with its special ball-pushing gameplay, various slots with cool rewards, and dynamic features like Show Time, the Free Turntable Game, and the Lucky Ball. The Super Jackpot and Lucky Jackpot, along with the color-based mechanics, add a strategic element that keeps players engaged and eager for big wins. With every push, spin, and smart choice, Crazy Pusher turns gaming sessions into unforgettable adventures packed with excitement, skillful play, and the chance for amazing victories.

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