Lodigame Review of Royal Fishing Game

Welcome to the underwater world of Royal Fishing, a captivating and rewarding game by Jili Games, brought to you by Lodigame Casino. In this game, you’ll dive into the ocean and encounter various sea creatures. Your goal is to have an exciting adventure and win prizes.

To get started, you’ll need to decide how much you want to bet and the cost of each shot. Then, it’s time to become the fisherman! Take aim and shoot at the targets. Remember, the smaller the target, the smaller the prize you’ll receive. But if you aim for larger targets, your rewards will be bigger. Keep in mind that shooting at larger targets requires more shots, and each shot comes at a cost.

royal fishing

So, find your own winning strategy, have a blast, and enjoy the Royal Fishing game. You can discover similar games by this provider on our website.

Royal Fishing Game Features

Royal Fishing has some special features that make the game more exciting and help players win big. Here are the details:

Royal Fishing Game Features
  • Freeze: Spend 30 coins to temporarily freeze the whole game table.
  • Drill Bit Lobster: When you defeat this lobster, it explodes and catches nearby fish.
  • Thunderbolt Lobster: Killing this lobster gives you free ammo for 15 seconds.
  • Thunderbolt Consecutive Hit: After defeating this fish, it creates a chain lightning effect that shocks and catches nearby fish.
  • Serial Bomb Crab: When you defeat this crab, it triggers multiple big explosions across the board, helping you catch more fish.
  • Immortal Boss: High-paying bosses are available in all game lobbies.
  • Awaken Boss: Defeating a boss triggers an awakening attack, where you can win big with a 30x basic multiplier, a power-up attack of 6x to 10x, and a maximum reward of 300x.
  • Chain Long King Wheel: Catching the Chain Long King activates a roulette wheel with outer and inner sections containing multipliers. You choose where the pointer goes, and the two numbers in the outer and inner sections multiply to give you a multiplier, with the maximum being 350,000x.
  • Summon Dragon Wrath: This feature is exclusive to the Regal and Qian Long Hall lobbies. Players build up wrath value every time they shoot. When the wrath value is full, you can summon Dragon Wrath.
  • Lucky Treasure Chest: Collect all types of fish to win a Lucky Treasure Chest with a chance for a super win.

Royal Fishing Lobbies

In Royal Fishing, players can choose from three different lobbies, each with its own minimum and maximum betting limits and exclusive features. These are the three lobbies:

Royal Fishing Lobbies

Joy Hall (Bets: PHP 0.1 – PHP 10 per shot)

Joy Hall is perfect for beginners, offering low minimum and maximum bet options. This lobby includes Immortal Bosses, special high-payout challenges that appear occasionally. With betting ranging from PHP 0.1 to PHP 10 per shot, it allows players to control their losses and enjoy extended playtime.

Regal Hall (Bets: PHP 1 – PHP 80 per shot)

Regal Hall is an intermediate-level lobby, offering relatively low minimum bets. This lobby also features Immortal Bosses and Dragon Wrath, providing additional gaming excitement. Players can wager between PHP 1 and PHP 80 per shot in this lobby.

Qian Long Hall (Bets: PHP 10 – PHP 100 per shot)

Qian Long Hall is tailored for more experienced players who seek a challenging experience. It includes Immortal Bosses, Dragon Wrath, and Chain Long King, making it the most feature-rich lobby. In this lobby, players can bet between PHP 10 and PHP 100 per shot, catering to those looking for higher stakes and greater rewards.




Royal Fishing is an engaging underwater-themed game developed by Jili Games and offered by Lodigame.

In Royal Fishing, you start by choosing your bet amount and the cost per shot. Your goal is to shoot and catch various sea creatures to win prizes. Smaller targets offer smaller rewards, while larger targets yield bigger prizes.

Yes, there are several special features, including Freeze, Drill Bit Lobster, Thunderbolt Lobster, Thunderbolt Consecutive Hit, Serial Bomb Crab, Immortal Bosses, Awaken Boss, Chain Long King Wheel, Summon Dragon Wrath, and Lucky Treasure Chest.

There are three lobbies: Joy Hall, Regal Hall, and Qian Long Hall. Joy Hall is for beginners (bets range from PHP 0.1 to PHP 10 per shot), Regal Hall is for intermediate players (bets between PHP 1 and PHP 80 per shot), and Qian Long Hall is for experienced players (bets between PHP 10 and PHP 100 per shot).

You can explore similar games by Jili Games on the Lodigame website.


In conclusion, Royal Fishing by Jili Games, presented by Lodigame live casino, offers an immersive underwater adventure with exciting features and lobbies catering to players of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner looking for low-risk fun or an experienced player seeking high-stakes action, Royal Fishing has something to offer. Dive into the ocean, develop your strategy, and experience the thrill of reeling in big rewards in this captivating fishing game.

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