Lodigame Review of Boom Legend Game

Are you ready to try out an incredibly engaging game? We want to let you know that you might end up spending more than an hour playing, but don’t worry, time will fly by because this game is super fun!

Jili Games has recently released a unique and thrilling game called Boom Legend. Here’s how it works: First, you place a bet, which means you decide how much one shot will cost you. Then, you take aim and shoot at targets. The larger the target you hit, the bigger your prize will be. But keep in mind that shooting at bigger targets will cost you more for each shot. The most you can win is 888 times the amount you bet!

boom legend

You’ll fall in love with this game right from the start. The best part is that you can play Boom Legend on your computer or your mobile phone. Enjoy the adventure!

How to Play Boom Legend

Playing Boom Legend casino game is a blast, but it’s important to grasp the game’s mechanics, betting options, and room selection. Let’s break down how to play this game step by step:

How to Play Boom Legend

Understanding the Game Mechanics

Boom Legend has some cool features that make it exciting. To master the game, get familiar with these mechanics:

Auto-Shoot Target Control

You don’t need to keep clicking to fire at monsters; there’s an auto-shoot feature. This lets you focus on aiming and strategy while the game takes care of shooting for you.

Weapon Selection

You have various weapons to deal with monsters, and each has unique abilities:

  • Rocket Punch
  • Mystery Chest
  • Mines
  • Axe
  • Hammer
  • Lightning Spear

Bet Adjustment

You can change your bet to match your strategy and risk tolerance. Remember, your winnings depend on your bet, so choose wisely based on your budget and game plan.

Placing Your Bet and Paylines

To get into the action, you need to place a bet. Boom Legend allows you to adjust your bet amount to suit your preferences. Just keep in mind that bigger bets can lead to bigger rewards. Paylines are specific paths where winning combinations form. Align symbols on these lines to increase your chances of winning. The game clearly shows these lines, so you can plan your shots effectively.

Selecting the Game Room

Boom Legend provides a range of gaming rooms featuring diverse levels of challenge and bet limits. Before you start playing, choose the game room that matches your skill level, budget, and desired challenge. Picking the right room enhances your gaming experience.

Boom Legend Game Features

Let’s break down the game features of Boom Legend Fishing, including special monsters, weapons, lightning spear, energy system, and bonus features:

Boom Legend Game Features

Special Monsters and Weapons

Boom Legend Fishing introduces some unique monsters and weapons that make the game even more exciting. Here are a few of them:

  • Goblin Bomber: When you defeat the Goblin Bomber, it drops a bomb that can push back monsters in its blast radius.
  • Medusa: After defeating Medusa, her eye can petrify and damage monsters in its area.
  • Black Knight: To defeat the Black Knight, you can use the Blade Aura to inflict damage in a specific area.

Special Weapons

Boom Legend Fishing offers a range of special weapons to help you in your monster-slaying adventure. These weapons have special abilities:

  • Rocket Punch: Launch a powerful fist that travels upward, smashing through all monsters in its path.
  • Mystery Chest: Open a Mystery Box to get either a Rocket Punch or Mines, each with its strategic advantages.
  • Mines: Strategically place mines on the map to deal damage to monsters in a wide area when they explode.
  • Axe: Use the Axe to launch a stronger attack on targeted monsters, but it costs 5 times your bet.
  • Hammer: The Hammer randomly strikes nearby monsters with lightning, but it costs 15 times your bet.

Lightning Spear and Energy System

By shooting at monsters, you can gather energy, which is essential for using the powerful Lightning Spear attack. As you target monsters, your energy bar fills up. When it’s full, you can activate the Lightning Spear to deal lightning damage across a large area in the center of the screen.

Bonus Features and Prizes

As you play Boom Legend Fishing, you’ll encounter various bonus features and prize opportunities:

  • Cyclops: Defeating the Cyclops grants you 5 times the basic odds and a chance to find treasure maps. Accumulating ten treasure maps grants you access to a coveted Golden Treasure Chest.
  • Golden Demons: Defeating a Golden Demon gives you a shot at obtaining Treasure Chests. Silver Treasure Chests offer 2 times the odds, while Gold Treasure Chests provide 6 times the odds.
  • Bonus Demon: Defeating the Crocodile not only gives you the indicated prize money but also increases your chances of getting higher-range bonuses.
  • Giant Octopus: By targeting Octopus Heads & Arms consecutively, you earn Rage Points that fill the Rage Bar. When it’s full, you initiate a prize draw. Aiming for Furious Octopuses can lead to even better prize draws, with a maximum multiplier of 800 times.



Tips for Winning in Boom Legend Game

Here are tips to help you win big at Boom Legend:

Tips for Winning in Boom Legend Game
  • Master the Game Mechanics: Get familiar with the game mechanics, including target control, weapon selection, and strategic bet adjustments. Understanding these basics is crucial for success.
  • Optimize Special Weapons: Take full advantage of the special weapons in Boom Legend. Each weapon has unique abilities, so refer to the game features section for guidance on how to use them effectively.
  • Exploit Special Monster Abilities: Special monsters in the game have unique abilities that can impact your gameplay. Learn to use these abilities to your advantage, such as using the Goblin Bomber to create opportunities for targeted shots.
  • Strategize Your Bets and Paylines: Thoughtfully contemplate your wager amount and the paylines you choose. Higher bets offer greater rewards, but find a balance that suits your budget and risk tolerance. Pay attention to paylines for better chances of winning.
  • Target Dreadfreaks: Defeated monsters can reanimate into powerful Dreadfreaks. Prioritize eliminating these for better rewards.
  • Embrace Bonus Challenges: Take on bonus monsters like the Cyclops, Golden Demons, and Bonus Demon for increased odds and extra prizes. Refer to the game features section for specific details.
  • Develop a Strategy Against the Giant Octopus: The Giant Octopus has a unique gameplay mechanic. Shoot at its Heads & Arms to accumulate Rage Points, leading to exciting prize draws. Focus on Furious Octopuses for higher-value prizes.
  • Manage Energy for the Lightning Spear: The Lightning Spear is a powerful weapon that relies on energy accumulation. Shoot at monsters to fill your energy bar and unleash it for devastating damage. Review the game features section for guidelines.


Boom Legend is a thrilling game where you place bets and shoot at targets to win prizes. The size of the target you hit determines your prize, with the possibility of winning up to 888 times your bet.

Yes, you can enjoy Boom Legend on both your computer and mobile phone, providing flexibility in gameplay.

To play Boom Legend effectively, you need to understand its mechanics, adjust your bets, choose the right game room, and use special weapons and abilities strategically.

Boom Legend features special monsters like Goblin Bomber, Medusa, and Black Knight, along with special weapons like Rocket Punch, Mystery Chest, Mines, Axe, Hammer, and Lightning Spear, each with unique abilities.

The energy system in Boom Legend allows you to gather energy by shooting at monsters. When your energy bar is full, you can activate the powerful Lightning Spear attack.


In conclusion, Boom Legend in Lodigame Casino is an exciting and engaging game by Jili Games that offers a unique blend of strategy, skill, and chance. With its diverse range of weapons, special monsters, and bonus features, players have the opportunity to win big while enjoying the thrill of the hunt. By mastering the game mechanics and following the provided tips, players can maximize their chances of success and experience hours of entertaining gameplay on both computer and mobile platforms.

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