Lodigame Bombing Fishing Game Review

Lodigame online casino is proud to present another exciting game from the renowned provider, Jili Games, revolving around the fascinating theme of fishing. While we may think we know the rules of the underwater world, it proves to be much more captivating than we ever imagined. In Bombing Fishing, players are invited to embark on a thrilling journey to the ocean’s depths, where they can not only marvel at the wonders of marine life but also reap generous rewards through their hunting skills.

Bombing Fishing offers a straightforward yet incredibly entertaining gaming experience. Players are tasked with shooting at a variety of targets beneath the ocean’s surface. In this underwater adventure, smaller fish may yield lower payouts, but they are easier to hit. Conversely, larger targets promise higher rewards according to the payout table, but they require more shots to overcome, making them a more costly endeavor.

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How to Play Bombing Fishing: A Comprehensive Guide

At Lodigame, Bombing Fishing is an exciting fish shooting game that offers a unique and engaging gaming experience. To fully enjoy and master this game, it’s essential to understand its mechanics, bet placement, paylines, and how to navigate the gameplay. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to become a skilled Bombing Fishing player.

How to Play Bombing Fishing A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding the Game Mechanics

Before diving into gameplay, let’s familiarize ourselves with the core mechanics of Bombing Fishing. This game stands out with its distinctive weapon system, enabling players to defeat various fish species and unlock generous bonuses.

Placing Your Bet and Configuring Paylines

To get started with Bombing Fishing, it’s crucial to grasp the process of betting and configuring paylines. Here are key elements related to these aspects:

  • Paytable: The game’s paytable outlines the rewards associated with different fish species. It provides payout multipliers for each type of fish, empowering you to strategize your gameplay based on potential winnings.
  • System Settings: Within the game, you’ll discover system settings that allow you to customize your gaming experience. These settings might include adjusting volume, toggling fullscreen mode, and configuring other preferences to align with your needs.
  • Bet Adjustment: Bombing Fishing offers a flexible betting system, letting you tailor your wager according to your preferences. You can choose the amount to bet per round, considering your gaming budget and desired level of risk.
  • Autoplay: Some versions of the game may include an autoplay feature. This option enables you to set the game to play automatically for a specified number of rounds, convenient for those who prefer a more hands-off approach.
  • Set Paylines: You might also have the option to set the number of paylines you want to activate for each spin. Paylines determine specific paths on the game grid that can result in winning combinations.

Spinning the Reels

Once you’ve configured your bet and paylines to your liking, it’s time to start spinning the reels and dive into the gameplay. Bombing Fishing boasts an engaging interface teeming with a variety of fish swimming across the screen. Your goal is to shoot at these targets, aiming for winning combinations.

  • Gameplay Objective: Your primary objective is to shoot and catch fish to earn rewards. Each fish type has its own unique value, and your aim is to maximize your winnings by strategically targeting high-value species.
  • Controls: Familiarize yourself with the game’s controls, such as aiming and shooting. The precision of your shots plays a crucial role in your success.
  • Bonus Features: Keep an eye out for special features like bonus rounds, power-ups, and multipliers. These can significantly enhance your gaming experience and potential rewards.

Features of Bombing Fishing Game

The Bombing fishing game version boasts a plethora of exciting features designed to elevate the gameplay experience for enthusiasts. With daily prizes, weapon upgrades, and a global multiplayer mode, players can immerse themselves in an exhilarating world of fishing, competing against others for a truly captivating adventure.

Features of Bombing Fishing Game

Deep Sea Fish and Valuable Rewards

  • Deep Sea Fish: Hunting deep-sea fish with specialized weapons unlocks the potential to earn valuable deep-sea pearls. What makes this even more enticing is the possibility to multiply your pearl rewards by a staggering factor of 666.
  • Special Fish – Drill Bit Lobster: This unique catch, when shot with a weapon, pierces through multiple fish before exploding. The total number of fish lost during this explosive process is utilized as a multiplier, offering substantial rewards. (Note: In the event of disconnection, you’ll receive rewards corresponding to your current score without preserving the game state.)
  • Thunder Consecutive: Triggered by both the Lightning Chain and the Super Bomb Crab’s demise, these area attacks present a chance to catch fish in abundance, making for thrilling gameplay.

Special Weapons for Maximum Impact

  • Golden Bomb: Employing the Golden Bomb multiplies your bet by 50, unleashing a small explosion in the fishing ground. However, there’s a risk that it might eliminate any fish in its vicinity.
  • Torpedo: This bomb-like ammunition is perfect for dealing substantial damage or causing mass destruction. By clicking the Torpedo button and tapping on a giant fish on the screen, you can activate it. Each shot deducts the bet by a factor of 10, and it’s particularly effective against large and small species, albeit at a higher bet cost.

The Immortal Boss Challenge

  • Immortal Boss: When the immortal boss enters the arena, players have an ongoing opportunity to win prizes until the boss departs.
  • Immortal Ocean King Multiplier Puffer: These Immortal Bosses, known as Multiplier Puffers, can expand in size when shot. The bigger they grow, the more valuable the prize they yield.

Unlocking Power-Ups and Bounty Games

  • Awaken Boss: When exploring Ocean Kings, there’s a chance to activate Power-Ups, which are associated with substantial multiplier awards.
  • Bounty Game: Collect a Bounty Crab, and anyone can roll the dice to trigger the Bounty Game. Here, you can catch crabs for generous rewards and potentially receive up to 1200 free laser weapons (Joy Hall offers up to 600 times).

Free Nuclear Bomb and Energy Management

  • Free Nuclear Bomb: Players accumulate energy as they use their weapons, filling up an energy bar. Once it’s full, they can unleash a free nuclear bomb, devastating a wide area.
  • Energy Conversion: The energy meter uses a betting ratio for conversion, taking into account the current bet to determine if free nuclear bombs can be deployed.
  • Energy Management: The player’s energy resets three minutes after leaving the game or in case of disconnection. Stored energy is automatically utilized when the energy meter remains full for three minutes.



Tips to Win the Jackpot in the Bombing Fishing Game

Mastering the fishing game and increasing your chances of hitting the jackpot requires strategic gameplay and careful consideration of your approach. Here are some valuable tips to help you become an expert player and maximize your rewards.

Tips to Win the Jackpot in the Bombing Fishing Game

Focus on High-Value Fish

It’s tempting to shoot at every fish that crosses your path, but a more effective strategy is to prioritize high-value species like Golden Fish and boss fish. These fish offer significantly larger payouts over time, making them the prime targets for expert players.

Avoid Automated Shoot Mode

While automated shooting can be convenient, it tends to deplete your bets rapidly. Instead, opt for manual shooting to maximize your damage output. Manual shooting allows you to control your shots better, especially when attempting to steal kills from other players. Additionally, consider using a torpedo strategically for added firepower.

Upgrade Your Weapons

Continuously upgrading your weapons is essential for staying competitive in the game. Improved equipment not only increases your damage potential but also enables you to capture larger and more valuable fish. Allocate your in-game resources wisely to ensure a steady progression in your arsenal.

Learn the Fish Patterns

Different fish species in the game exhibit distinct movement patterns. Take the time to study these patterns and adjust your aim accordingly. By anticipating their movements, you can enhance your accuracy and efficiency in capturing fish. This knowledge will prove invaluable in increasing your catch rate and earning higher payouts.

Practice Patience

Expert players understand that patience is a virtue in the fishing game. Don’t rush your shots; instead, wait for the opportune moments to target high-value fish or to unleash your most powerful weapons. Precision and timing are key to success.

Collaborate in Multiplayer Mode

In multiplayer fishing games, consider collaborating with other players. Cooperative gameplay can help you corner high-value targets, share in the rewards, and collectively increase your chances of winning big.

Manage Your Budget

Effective bankroll management is crucial to your success in the game. Set limits on your bets to ensure that you can sustain your gameplay over the long term. Avoid reckless betting, as it can deplete your resources quickly and hinder your progress.

Stay Informed and Updated

Keep yourself informed about any updates, events, or promotions in the game. Developers often introduce new features, challenges, and bonuses that can benefit skilled players. Keeping yourself informed can provide you with a competitive advantage.


Bombing Fishing is a thrilling game that involves shooting at underwater targets to catch fish and earn rewards. It’s exciting due to its engaging gameplay and the opportunity to win generous prizes.

To play Bombing Fishing, you need to configure your bets, understand paylines, and learn the game mechanics. The key aspects include the paytable, system settings, bet adjustment, autoplay, and setting paylines.

The primary objective in Bombing Fishing is to shoot and catch fish to earn rewards. Different fish species have varying values, and the goal is to maximize winnings by strategically targeting high-value species.

Bombing Fishing offers features like daily prizes, weapon upgrades, and a global multiplayer mode. It also includes unique fish types, special weapons, and bonus rounds that enhance the gaming experience.

Special weapons in Bombing Fishing include the Golden Bomb and Torpedo. The Golden Bomb multiplies your bet by 50, while the Torpedo deals substantial damage. Each shot with the Torpedo deducts the bet but is effective against both small and large fish.


In conclusion, Bombing Fishing by Jili Games, available through Lodigame live casino, offers an immersive and engaging underwater adventure where players can test their shooting skills while reaping substantial rewards. With its unique features, strategic gameplay tips, and the thrill of multiplayer competition, Bombing Fishing provides a captivating gaming experience for enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the world of underwater shooting games, Bombing Fishing promises hours of entertainment and the chance to dive into the depths of the ocean for fantastic prizes.

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