Lodigame Review of the Dinosaur Tycoon Game

Jili Games, the game provider, offers a variety of exciting games to cater to different tastes. Whether you enjoy video slots with lots of features or prefer simpler classic slots with fewer lines, they’ve got you covered. They even offer unique games on our site where you can go hunting for moving targets. These targets might be underwater creatures during a fishing expedition or land-based hunting adventures.

In the Dinosaur Tycoon game, your mission is to take aim and shoot at dinosaurs and other creatures from the prehistoric era.. Simply set your sights on the target and fire away. Get ready for an enjoyable experience with Dinosaur Tycoon!

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How to Play Dinosaur Tycoon Shooting Fish Game

Playing Dinosaur Tycoon’s shooting fish game is straightforward and exciting. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

How to Play Dinosaur Tycoon Shooting Fish Game
  • Choose Your Level: Begin by selecting your desired difficulty level. You can choose from three options: easy, moderate, or challenging. Each level presents a different number of dinosaurs.
  • Select Your Ammunition: Your goal is to eliminate as many dinosaurs as possible. To do this, you must pick the right type of ammunition. Keep in mind that each shot consumes ammunition, and every dinosaur you successfully shoot down earns you bonus points.
  • Timing Matters: Pay close attention to the moment when the dinosaurs appear on the screen. Timing is crucial in this game. Wait for the right moment, and then start shooting.
  • Use Special Features: The game offers special features to assist you during the shooting. Utilize these elements to enhance your gameplay.
  • Earn Rewards: After completing a round of the game, you can receive rewards in your fish shooting game wallet. Strive to break even or make a profit by skillfully choosing your ammunition and timing your shots.
  • Check the Leaderboard: If you’re interested in tracking your progress and comparing your performance with other players, you can access the leaderboard and in-game information, including the names and scores of different types of dinosaurs, in the history section.
  • Compete for Rankings: Dinosaur Tycoon also features player rankings. The players who achieve the highest scores will receive rewards based on their achievements.

Rules of Playing Dinosaur Tycoon’s Shooting Fish Game

To excel in the Dinosaur Tycoon’s shooting fish game, you must follow these simple rules:

Rules of Playing Dinosaur Tycoon_s Shooting Fish Game

Deposit Funds

To get started, you’ll need to deposit money into your game account. This money will be used to purchase bullets for shooting fish.

Buy Effective Bullets

Throughout the game, you’ll encounter various types of bullets. It’s essential to purchase the most effective bullets for your dinosaur hunting adventure.

Choose Your Level

The game offers two levels: Joy and Regal.

  • Joy Level: As the name suggests, this level is all about having fun. It’s easy and simple, with dinosaurs that are easy to shoot down.
  • Regal Level: This level is more advanced, requiring players to calculate and use strategies to become skilled fishermen.

Target Unique Dinosaurs

Keep an eye out for unique dinosaurs. When they appear, quickly switch to the appropriate ammunition and shoot as many bullets as possible to maximize your damage. Damaging unique dinosaurs earns you bonus points.

Understand Dinosaur Percentages

Each dinosaur, regardless of its size, has a certain percentage associated with it. You can find this information in the support section or review it in the History section after completing a game round.

Utilize Functional Dinosaurs and Special Features

Pay attention to functional dinosaurs and special features in the game. These can significantly increase your chances of earning more bonus points.

Game Features of Dinosaur Tycoon

Dinosaur Tycoon offers a range of exciting game features that add depth and excitement to your gaming experience. Let’s delve deeper into each of these attributes:

Game Features of Dinosaur Tycoon

The Coveted Golden Mammoth

The Golden Mammoth is a majestic and highly sought-after target in Dinosaur Tycoon. Capturing this magnificent creature leads to remarkable rewards, and the size of the prize depends on your bet. Interestingly, increasing your bet also enhances your chances of winning big when you defeat the Golden Mammoth. The higher your bet, the more generous the bonus rewards you can earn. Capture the Golden Mammoth to claim your well-deserved spoils and watch your Bonus panel fill with enticing bonuses!

Effects Dragon Category

Within the Effects Dragon category, you’ll encounter three unique creatures, each with extraordinary abilities:

  • Bomb Frog: Defeating the Bomb Frog triggers an explosive surprise, creating a blast radius that can help you capture other dragons.
  • Oviraptor: Taking down the Oviraptor offers a chance to obtain one of three random weapons: Shotgun Attack, Huge Bone, or Dragon Fire. These powerful weapons greatly enhance your shooting skills and prepare you for tougher challenges.
  • Pterosaur: Detonate three bombs to trigger large-scale consecutive explosions, significantly improving your chances of capturing dragons within the explosive chain reaction.

Encounter Special Medium Dragons

Prepare to face extraordinary dragon species during specific scenes. These encounters allow you to multiply your base score through precise shooting, offering the opportunity to win a staggering seven times the Super Prize for added excitement.

Mammoth Multiplier Madness

Keep an eye out for Mammoths during gameplay. Hitting them can unlock incredible multiplier boosts, potentially reaching up to 300X on the ore. Breaking open the ore can reveal treasures worth up to 300 times your bet.

Unleash the Flying Dragon Wheel

Capture the powerful Pterodactyl King to activate the Flying Dragon Wheel. Participate in this thrilling wheel of fortune by carefully timing your selection to stop the pointer. The numbers on the outer and inner circles combine to determine your multiplier, with the possibility of reaching a jaw-dropping 500X!

The Alluring Golden T-Rex

The Golden T-Rex offers an exciting opportunity to win a fabulous prize multiplier. Each successful hit on the Golden T-Rex fills up the energy bar. When you hit the Gold Treasure Chest while the energy bar is active, you’ll receive the coveted Golden T-Rex prize as your reward. Combine this prize with the “Prize Multiplier” to potentially win an astounding 1500X prize!

Unveiling the Mystery Dragon Egg

Cracking open the Dragon Egg triggers a remarkable 20% multiplier for prizes from all defeated dragons within a 20-second time window. However, this bonus doesn’t apply to prizes from the Golden Mammoth. Be aware that any disconnection or player departure resets the bonus time of the Mystery Dragon Egg.

Special Weapon – The Formidable Heavy Axe

The Heavy Axe Symbol, while costly at six times the bet, allows you to deliver powerful attacks to large dragons on the screen. Keep in mind that dragons below 6X are immune to the Heavy Axe’s blow.

Special Skill – The Electrifying Lightning Strike

Similar to the Heavy Axe, the Lightning Strike Skill deducts six times the bet but empowers you to target and unleash potent attacks on large dragons. Like the Heavy Axe, the Lightning Strike is ineffective against dragons below 6X.

Unleash the Meteor Burst (Free)

While you engage in continuous shooting, the energy bar accumulates power. Once it reaches its peak, you can unleash the awe-inspiring Meteor Burst, causing massive area-of-effect damage in the center of the screen. The energy accumulated corresponds to your bet amount, and the Meteor Burst’s impact depends on your current bet.

The energy bar resets after the discharge is complete or three minutes after game disconnection or player departure. If the energy bar reaches full capacity for three minutes, the system automatically unleashes the cannon, providing a truly satisfying and spectacular effect.



Valuable Tips for Playing Dinosaur Tycoon Shooting Fish Game

To excel in Dinosaur Tycoon’s shooting fish game, consider these valuable tips:

Valuable Tips for Playing Dinosaur Tycoon

Choose the Right Ammo

Inspect the number on your gun, which indicates the bullet damage. Select the appropriate ammunition for each dinosaur type. This choice increases your chances of defeating them and earning bonus points.

Shoot Early

Begin shooting as soon as the dinosaurs appear on the left side of the screen. Shooting early allows you to absorb more bullets over time, making it easier to accumulate bonus points for successful hits.

Be Ready for Unique Species

When the game notifies you about a unique species, prepare a powerful bullet in advance. Start shooting as soon as it appears in the left corner of the screen to maximize your chances of success.

Target Dinosaurs with Explosives

Pay close attention to dinosaurs carrying bombs, grenades, or thunder. Shooting them can save ammunition and also eliminate nearby targets, rewarding you with bonuses.

Use Special Features Wisely

Prioritize selecting special features to enhance gameplay convenience. However, avoid overusing them, as it can be costly. Reserve their use for exceptional situations where they offer significant advantages.

Manage Your Funds

Ensure you have an appropriate amount of money allocated for playing the Dinosaur Tycoon shooting fish game. If you win, consider withdrawing your winnings or continuing to play. If you experience losses, it’s advisable to stop playing and enjoy the entertainment responsibly.


Dinosaur Tycoon is a shooting fish game where you aim and shoot at dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures. To play, select your difficulty level, choose the right ammunition, and shoot down dinosaurs while timing your shots for maximum points.

Dinosaur Tycoon offers three difficulty levels: easy, moderate, and challenging. Easy has fewer dinosaurs and is simpler, while challenging requires more strategy and skill.

The game features special creatures like the Golden Mammoth, Effects Dragons, Mammoths, and more. There are unique weapons, multipliers, and bonus rewards to enhance your gameplay.

To improve your chances, choose the right ammunition, shoot early, target unique species, and use special features wisely. Managing your funds responsibly is also important for long-term success.

Yes, Dinosaur Tycoon has player rankings and a leaderboard where you can compare your performance with others. Players with high scores receive rewards based on their achievements.


In conclusion, Dinosaur Tycoon in Lodigame offers an exhilarating gaming experience where players can embark on a thrilling prehistoric adventure. With its variety of difficulty levels, special features, and opportunities to win big, it caters to both casual gamers and those seeking a more strategic challenge. By following the provided tips and rules, players can maximize their enjoyment and chances of success in this captivating shooting fish game by Jili Games.

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