The Ultimate Lodigame Fishing Game Experience

The Fishing Game is a big hit at Lodigame online casino, and it’s super easy to understand. It’s perfect for newbies or anyone trying it for the first time. In this game, you’re like a fisherman, but instead of using a fishing rod, you control turrets to shoot and catch fish. The more fish you catch, especially the tricky ones, the more rewards you pocket. And, shooting those fish on the screen can be surprisingly stress-relieving. It’s a great way to unwind after a long day at work.

fishing game

Introduction to the Fishing Game

The Fishing Game has an interesting history. It started as a fun “goldfish-catching” game in Japan, placed in a casino console. Over time, it evolved and turned into the fishing game we know today.

Introduction to the Fishing Game

Now, most players aren’t really out to catch fish. They’re after something bigger—real money! You shoot sharks and other sea creatures with cannons. It’s one of the most popular video games you’ll find in online casinos.

Fishing machines might look like regular video games, but here’s a secret: they can have a high payout rate. If you’ve got some skills, you can win some real cash. Want to learn more? Keep reading at Lodigame Online Casino!

Understanding the Fishing Game’s Key Cycles

The Fishing Game might seem simple, but it operates based on the computer’s hidden data. Can you really crack it? Yes, there’s a way to do it.

To crack the Fishing Game, players need to grasp its cycles. When it seems like the computer isn’t letting you score, be patient and don’t shoot. Wait for the shooting stage and carefully observe how the fish behave. Think of the “biting-point stage” as your chance and get familiar with the three main cycles of the Fishing Game. You’ll catch plenty of fish for sure.

Understanding the Fishing Game_s Key Cycles

The Biting-Point Stage

In this stage, it feels like you can’t score much or catch many fish. Don’t fret. During this phase, switch to smaller cannons with lower values to target and wait.

The Spitting-Point Stage

The spitting-point stage is where you can easily rack up points. No matter how you shoot, you can win big prizes during this phase. You can confidently switch to higher-value cannons and aim for the fish. Fish, which are usually harder to hit, become much easier targets now.

The Idle Stage

The idle stage is like a tie game, where neither winning nor losing happens. It can be time-consuming and neither profitable nor unprofitable. You can try shooting with a few cannons or wait until the idle time is over.

Skills for Success in Fishing

Fast-Swimming Fish: Keep an eye on the fast-swimming fish. During the spitting-point stage, use the machine gun mode to clear all the fish, greatly improving your chances of winning. In general, target the bigger fish.

Gift Fish Around the Castle: Fish that swim slowly near the fishing machine are gift fish. These usually show up near the castle and move slowly. Hit rates can reach 99% for all players during this time, and the fishing machine rewards players.

When to Switch to Larger Cannons? Start Small!

Once the cannons start firing fiercely, if the bigger cannon misses, switch to a smaller one and take your time. Gradually using cannonballs in this manner helps you work your way to the big prize.

Every Fish Has Weak Points

Fins and gills are vulnerable spots. When shooting, use higher-value cannons. Regardless of the fish you target, remember that the cannonball should be parallel to the fish and hit both sides. This method applies to any fishing machine.

The amount of fish blood can be influenced by the Fishing Game cycle mentioned earlier. For instance, it’s tough to defeat big fish during the biting-point stage. Players who don’t grasp the game’s mechanics can easily waste their money. You can quietly observe others wasting their cannonballs and take a break.

After this stage, stick to using the smaller cannons. It’s easy to take down fish, and you can score points successfully.

Tips for the Fishing Machine Game

The rules of the fishing machine game are super simple, making it a hit with players of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, here are some tips to help you reel in success:

Tips for the Fishing Machine Game

Choose Your Target Wisely

Each target has a different amount of health. Bigger targets are easier to take down, and they often come with bigger rewards. Before you start shooting, figure out your target. Don’t waste your bullets!

Set a Budget

Remember, every bet you make equals a bullet with a certain value. To keep control and avoid losing more than you intend, set a budget before you dive into the excitement of the fishing machine game.

Master the Timing

At the beginning of the game, you’ll usually encounter smaller targets. After a while, the difficulty ramps up, and high-paying targets appear. To aim for those high payouts early on, hold back on your shooting at the start and wait for your ideal target to swim into view.

Utilize Angles

In the fishing machine game, you can bounce bullets off the screen’s edges to hit some targets. When your target gets close to the screen’s edge, don’t panic. Use the shooting angle to your advantage. Fish game targets move back and forth, giving you plenty of opportunities to defeat them.

Special Weapons

Keep an eye out for targets with special effects on the game screen. When you defeat them, you can sometimes grab special weapons like time pauses or freezing guns. These enhancements can provide you with a substantial advantage. So, when you spot these special targets, take them down and grab those special weapons.


Yes, players can use strategies to improve their chances of winning. Understanding the game’s key cycles, such as the Biting-Point Stage and the Spitting-Point Stage, can be helpful.

Players should watch for fast-swimming fish and target bigger fish during the Spitting-Point Stage. Additionally, hitting gift fish near the castle during idle times can be highly profitable.

It’s recommended to start with smaller cannons and switch to larger ones when the fish are harder to hit, focusing on vulnerable spots like fins and gills.

Yes, players should choose their targets wisely based on health, set a budget to control spending, master the timing of their shots, utilize angles to bounce bullets off the screen’s edges, and look out for special targets that offer power-ups.

Yes, skilled players can potentially win real money, as the game can have a high payout rate, especially when players understand its cycles and apply effective shooting strategies.


In conclusion, the Fish Game at Lodigame online casino offers players a thrilling and potentially profitable experience. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just dipping your toes into the world of online casino games, understanding the game’s cycles and employing effective shooting strategies can significantly boost your chances of success. With simple yet valuable tips in mind, players can cast their nets wide and reel in the rewards while enjoying the excitement of this entertaining game.